Results:  Kennedy MC  13 1/2 points                  Wellshire MC   10 1/2 Points    

WHEN:  10/02/16           WHERE:  Wellshire Golf Club           TIME: 8:30 am

FORMAT:  Individual Match Play, Net              TEAM:  24 Players Per Team

HANDICAPS:  09/15/16 Revision    COMPETITION:  24 Individual Net Match Play Matches
12 matches from Bronze tees, 12 matches from Gold tees

SCORING:  1 point for match play win, 1/2 point for match play tie (no playoffs)

WELLSHIRE-KENNEDY CUP:  Kennedy retains with 12 points, Wellshire wins with 12 1/2 points

PLAY: Players receive 100% active handicap based on CGA GHIN revision 09/15/16

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