Information Guide For the 2017 Season


Membership - To join the Wellshire Men’s Golf Club just click on the Join/Renew button for additional details on how to join and to submit your membership application online. You may also click on the membership tab to access the online membership forms.  If you have questions you can contact any of the board members listed on the home page.
New members - Please review the new members letter prior to applying for the tournament players membership option.  The letter illustrates new member guidelines for establishing a WMGC handicap.

Tournament Entry - Sign up and payment for each tournament can be done on the website ( The due date for entry is indicated on each tournament sign-up form. Generally, it is due ten days prior to the tournament. Since most tournaments are typically two weeks apart, a player may enter the next tournament by handing in the entry form and payment to the Tournament Director at the previous tournament. Telephone entries will not be accepted except under the conditions described below.

Late Tournament Entry - Once the entry deadline is past, it still may be possible to enter the tournament but participation is not guaranteed. Frequently, tournament spots are available to complete foursomes, cover cancellations, or to add another foursome. This waiting list is based on a first come, first listed basis. To get on the waiting list, please contact the Tournament Director and complete an online entry. It should be noted that team events and away tournaments are less conducive to late entries. Please do not use this as a normal method to enter the tournaments. If the volume of post deadline calls becomes too burdensome, this privilege may be cancelled.

Cancellation – If after entering a tournament it becomes necessary to cancel, please contact the Tournament Director, as soon as possible, hopefully at least three days before the tournament. Tournament fees will not be refunded but might be credited towards a future tournament, if a suitable replacement is found. Players who fail to show up, or do not arrive in time to play, forfeit all tournament entry fees.

Tee Times – Wellshire tournament tee times are available at least two or three days prior to each tournament. The tee times can be found on the web site (, or posted on the Men's Club bulletin board at Wellshire. Do not call the Wellshire Starter. Away tournament tee times can be found on the web site and posted on the Men's Club bulletin board at Wellshire. Also, away tournament tee times can be obtained by calling the away course's Pro Shop or Starter. Do not call the Wellshire Pro Shop for away tournament tee times.

Weather Problems – If it appears that the tournament cannot start because of inclement weather, please contact the Starter or Pro Shop on the day of the tournament for delay or cancellation information. In general, every effort is made to play the tournament since it is very difficult to reschedule. If the last tournament of the year is cancelled, all tournament fees will be refunded. During the tournament USGA rules govern the suspension of play. Please note that most courses, including Wellshire, do not use a lightning warning system. If a tournament starts, but cannot be completed due to weather, prizes will be awarded based on the last completed hole for all players in the tournament.

Tournament Results – Official Tournament results are available on the web site.  Unofficial results are generally posted for review on Facebook.

Posting Tournament ScoresPlayers should not post tournament scores. Board officials shall ensure tournament scores are posted correctly.  Please review and follow match play guidelines regarding Match play scorecards.  Again, please do not post match play scores.

Club Championship Eligibility – To be eligible to play in the Club Championship tournament a member must have played in at least four Club tournaments within one year of the Club Championship sign up date.

Tournament Prizes – Prizes are paid to about 25 percent of the tournament field by flight. In most tournaments low gross winners in each flight are paid a cash award. Tournament prizes usually are paid in gift certificates in the Wellshire Golf Shop. First place ties will be decided by a card playoff based on the lowest score on last nine holes, then the last six holes, then the last three holes. If the score is still tied the tiebreaker continues to the low front nine holes, the low front last six holes and finally, the low front last three holes. Payouts for all other ties will be evenly split. Day money paid for the two-day tournaments and match play winners are awarded cash. Away tournaments are usually paid in gift certificates at the away course. Closest to the pin prizes are awarded for every par three in every tournament. These normally pay $25 in cash. Closest to the pin winnings are paid throughout the season.

Golf Shop Credits – Prizes are paid in the aggregate to the Golf Shop in the form of credit dollars, and are usually available within a week after the tournament winners are determined. The Golf Shop does not issue gift certificates but maintains a ledger of credits for each Club member. If you do not remember the amount you have won ask the Pro Shop to check the ledger. Credits cannot be used to pay for Men's Club tournament fees, but can be used for range balls and carts for Men’s Club events and greens fees for casual rounds at other times. They can also be used to purchase any and all items, except food and beverages at other Denver golf facilities. To use credits at other Denver facilities, tell the attendant that you have money on account and your name so they can access your account before starting the transaction. Golf shop credits can be carried over from year to year. Questions concerning credits should be directed to the Treasurer.

Skins and Other Payouts – Each tournament has an optional skins game at a cost of $5 per net division per day and $10 per gross division per day. Cash prizes are based on the size of the pot and are awarded to the participating player with the lowest score on a particular hole. Within the participating pool, one tie is equal to all ties. Player enters the skins game by checking the appropriate area on the entry form and paying the appropriate amount. The net division is based on handicap and is played within the player's flight. The gross division is played without handicaps and is played throughout the entire field regardless of the tees played. Players may enter both the net and gross divisions. The Treasurer pays skins throughout the year, so it is imperative you, the member, ensure the Club has your correct address.

Trophies – Trophies will be awarded for Club Championship winners in the gross, net, senior and super senior flights. If you win one of these flights and want a trophy please contact the Handicap Chairman. Trophies will be awarded at the fall banquet. If you win a trophy and will not attend the fall banquet please contact, the Handicap Chairman to make arrangements to get the trophy.

Banquets – There are two banquets each year. The Spring Banquet is held on the Friday before the ABCD Scramble tournament, with the Fall Banquet held on any chosen Saturday following the end of the season. The cost of the banquets is included in the annual dues but please send in the RSVP as indicated on the RSVP form so that a number of participants can be determined. Attendees who did not respond may be excluded from the dinner if there is insufficient room or food. Because banquet costs are high, only Men's Club members are invited to attend. The Spring Banquet includes the ABCD Scramble Calcutta. The Fall Banquet includes the awarding of trophies and the election of Board members.

Calcutta – A Calcutta is held at the spring banquet prior to the ABCD Scramble whereby the individual teams are sold to the highest bidder. Teams have the right to repurchase 50% of their team from the high bidder at the auction. The Calcutta pays 40 percent of the pool to the winning team, 30 percent to the second place team, 20 percent to the third place team and 10 percent to the fourth place team. All ties are split. Since payment is required at the time of the auction, participants must bring cash or checks, and all teams should have a representative at the auction if they wish to participate. Specific guidelines for the Calcutta will be available at the time of the auction.

Slow Play – Players should play “ready golf.” The first player to his ball will hit away. Players in carts need not wait for walkers to catch up before playing their shot. (This does not apply in match play as the away player always plays first.) To speed up play, you must wave up the group behind you on #14 as soon as everyone in your group reaches the green. Finally be ready to putt. Have your line and distance decision made when it is your turn to play.

Although the Men's Club cannot play faster than the general public's last group before our tournaments, it is important not to lag within the parameters of our tournament groups. Each player in your group is collectively and individually responsible for keeping up with the group in FRONT of you. Each group shall present all scorecards to the scorer’s table after all players in the group have completed the 18th hole. One or more of the cards will be time stamped at the scorer’s table. If a group a finishes more than 16-minutes after the group ahead of them an automatic 2-stroke penalty will be assessed against each member of the group.

Equipment – Since the Men's Club plays its tournament pursuant to the USGA rules, with a couple of modifications, illegal clubs, especially nonconforming drivers, are not allowed. If used during a Men's Club tournament or match play game, the player will be disqualified.

Denver Cup Tournament – The Men's Club annually participates in the Denver Cup. This is a 2-day tournament between Men's Clubs from the various City of Denver golf courses. The tournament rotates between the various courses and is held during September. Each club provides a team of 16 players based on various handicap divisions. Our team is selected by the Board based on the best players within each handicap division, participation in Club events and the ability to field a competitive team. Each team member must have played in at least three Men's Club tournaments during the year. The Men's Club pays for the greens fees for the team but each team member must reimburse the Men's Club about $30.00 for the various prize pools such as closest to the pin, skins, etc.

Hole-in-One Fund – A $300 prize is awarded for each hole-in-one made during a Men's Club tournament or during a Men's Club match play game. The award is paid out immediately following the Board's confirmation.

Check Forfeiture – Men's Club checks will be forfeited if they are not cashed by the end of the year in which they were issued.

Honorary Member Status – Honorary members pay reduced annual dues. Honorary status is determined by adding together the member's age and the number of years in the Men's Club. When the total is 90 or above, honorary status is awarded provided the member has served on the Board of Directors.

Board Members – Board members are elected to serve a three-year term with terms being staggered. A number of positions however require training and certification in order to manage handicaps and set-up tournaments using the available programs and Board experience. This has resulted in some Board members volunteering to continue serving until a replacement can be trained. Consequently, most Board positions do not turn over every three years. A three to four year term is becoming more normal and therefore new Board members will be solicited from the membership as needed.

Reduced Membership Dues – Members joining the Men's Club after August 1 will be offered reduced membership fees of $125.00.